life·29 June 21

Alkmie dream of beauty calming sleeping mask REVIEW

Do you dream about relaxed and brightened skin? If so, I tested Alkmie dream of beauty calming sleeping mask and elaborated the most important aspects of it.

maternity·25 June 21

9 ways to make the most of maternity leave in Birmingham

Your maternity leave has started, and you would like to do something more than binging Netflix and cuddling with your baby. Today I'd like to show you 9 ways to make the most of maternity leave in Birmingham.

maternity·27 April 21

Foods that increase breast milk supply

Are you struggling with breast milk supply? Have you heard about galactagogue foods that may increase your milk supply? In this post, I gathered my favourites recipes that affect your breast milk positively. Enjoy!

maternity·19 March 21

My 21 newborn baby must-haves for 0-3 months

A layette for a newborn is a subject that gives future parents sleepless nights. While there are tons of accessories and gadgets available on the market, you don't know what to choose. Have a look at must-have products that worked for us!

maternity·23 February 21

Am I spoiling my baby?

Do you hold your baby a lot, meet her needs and cuddle a lot? Have you ever heard an advice to stop doing it because your baby will be spoiled? If you are wondering what to do, come and read this blog post!

life·28 January 21

Resibo Balacing Serum, Oil Control + Imperfections Review

Today I'd like to review Resibo Balancing Serum, Oil Control + Imperfections. If you are looking a natural support for the skin struggling with overproduction of sebum, you've come to the right place.

maternity·03 November 20

25 facts you didn't know about pregnancy

Did you know that babies can cry in the womb and only 5% of children are born on a precisely calculated date? If you are curious about other pregnancy facts, enjoy the read!

life·12 September 20

What are you waiting for in life?

Perhaps you want to change something, but you don't know which way to go. You are afraid to take the first step in the desired direction or you always keep putting it off for an undefined "tomorrow". If so, I'm happy you are here!

life·29 August 20

How to spend August 2020 bank holiday weekend and feel fulfilled

The bank holiday weekend is already here! If you don't know how to spend it, you've come to the right place. I gathered brilliant ideas on how to spend a long weekend productively and feel fulfilled when it's over.

life·15 August 20

Favourite natural homemade cleaning products

Here is the reality - keeping it simple and switching to DIY cleaners can provide all you need for a sparkling clean and sanitary home. Today I introduce my favourite natural homemade cleaning products that actually work!

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