Why I don't drink milk anymore

May 06, 2020

Times have changed. The milk we buy in the supermarkets is not the same as our grandparents have bought a long time ago. Milk was known as healthy food because cows were living according to the laws of nature. The natural milk and all of the fermented milk products are still considered healthy food for people to drink and eat it occasionally. However, do you think that nowadays the cows receive healthy, natural, green grass? No, they are fed by special mixtures that are far from natural grass. They are treated incredibly unwell and nothing matters except the production of the larger amount of the milk every single day.

Chemical upgrade = Unhealthy milk

Fresh, raw milk coming from cows, goats and other animals contains numerous nutrients, however, its chemical composition is different from that of human milk. It also has no human energy field and specific human characteristics. If this milk is then pasteurized, homogenized and enriched with synthetic vitamins, as is now the case, there is no doubt that the resulting product is harmful to health.

Cows milk vs women milk

Comparing the ingredients in cow's milk and breast milk, significant differences can be found resulting from the different needs of the baby cow and human. The cow's milk protein is mainly casein, which forms lumps in the baby's stomach. In human milk, there is a lactalbumin which significantly dominates and is easily digested by children. Cow's milk contains three times more protein and almost four times more calcium because the calf doubles its birth weight in 60 days and humans in 180 days. The content of other ingredients is also different. Fat is the only nutrient with similar values in both types of milk. However, cow's milk contains more saturated fatty acids, while human milk primarily contains unsaturated ones.

What happens when you drink cow's milk

If we drink cow's milk, we also bring more protein and sodium than our body needs. An excess matter that cannot be excreted remains in the body. Unused material turns into mucus or pus, which is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Thus, milk and milk products create an infection-friendly environment. According to Chinese medicine, milk has a cooling and moisturizing nature, which also contributes to the slime of the body. It is also harmful to the immune system because undigested cow's milk protein passes from the intestines into the blood. That's why we are exposed to allergies, streptococcal infections, tonsillitis, ear infections, persistent rhinitis, eczema, acne, overweight, bedwetting, anemia, swelling, chronic fatigue, diarrhea, and constipation.

Women and milk

It's been proven that women suffer more often than men from the accumulation of substances contained in milk. There is a strong relationship between the consumption of milk and milk products, and various disorders of the female reproductive system, such as tumors, ovarian cysts, vaginal discharge, and infections. A connection with menstrual pain and heavy bleeding is also noted. Discomfort decreases or disappears when women stop consuming dairy products.

What to drink instead?

There are a lot of substitutes on the market! No matter if you go to your local shop or supermarket, I am sure you will find some of them. Despite the fact, I love the taste of all of them, I can't stand curdling. Imagine, you get up in the morning, you are very positive. Then you turn on the coffee machine, feel the smell of the coffee that is spreading along with your kitchen. You open the fridge, take the vegan milk, pour it in the coffee and it curdles. Is it something worse? You are not so positive anymore because you need to make your coffee again. Let's avoid it!

My favourite vegan milks that don't curdle:

1. Oat milk

2. Halzenut milk

3. Rice milk

The ones I choose for my porridge, smoothies etc:

1. Coconut milk

2. Almond milk

3. Soya milk

I truly believe we need to find a balance in whatever we eat and do. Food plays a very important role in it. Hence, it is crucial to take a look at the way you nurture your body and mind and get rid of any imbalances. Quitting cow milk and dairy products is one of them. I don't drink it on a daily basis, but it doesn't mean I don't eat ice creams or yogurt from time to time. Remember, balance is key.

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