What are you waiting for in life?

September 12, 2020

Are you this kind of person who has been waiting for something for x years? The miracle that will change your life forever? You always repeat - until spring, because autumn is unpleasant and winter is cold. Until retirement, because you need to rest sometime. Until Friday, because there is no life on Mondays. Just wait. Hide in a hole and hibernate life. 

Do you remember when you were a kid? What you have heard the most often from your parents, aunts or grandmothers? When you get older we'll talk, Don't touch it - it's only for adults! Don't disturb when the adults are talking, As you grow up, you'll find out for yourself. Now, let's remind yourself what you felt this time. Did you feel the joy of being a kid and a lot of possibilities ahead of you or a huge wall of limitations? The answer is obvious, isn't it? You probably thought 'ok, I need to wait for the adulthood'. Your parents, aunts or grandmothers showed you that your life will begin when you grow up because being a kid sucks because tomorrow will be better. Just fold your hands and wait. Now, remind yourself what you heard from them when you finally grew up. From the same people who told you to grow up earlier, you'll hear one thing: it used to be better. Their youth was a perfect time! You can wonder when there were those good times if according to them they were always bad. 

The second option is you were lucky enough to meet someone who kept telling you that being a child is great. That despite your four, eight or fifteen years you are already quite big and responsible enough that you can be trusted, that you can do it. You are fit to live fully. And so in every subsequent year, including the 18th. Perhaps you grew up with the feeling that it's good to be here and now and that you are the best version of yourself at the moment.

What to do to enjoy every single day

Bronnie Ware - an Australian woman quit a decent job in a bank and she became a carer for the elderly. She accompanied them in the last moments of their lives. Meetings with the dying people and conversations with them are immortalized in her diary and book "What the dying regret most". Based on the most frequently mentioned things described by Bronnie War, six principles can help you enjoy each day even more.

Let yourself to be happy

Please bear in mind that you are the only one who is in control of your life. Spend a few minutes to think about what place in your life you are now. If it does not suit you, remember that your life can be completely different in a year or so. Relationships, work, money, your own business, travel - you are in full control of how your life looks on all these levels. You can really spend each day meaningfully and actively create your life.

Have more courage to live the life you want

Once again, this is your life and you should live exactly as you want. Why should you waste it on living at the dictation of others? Do what you want, not what others expect from you. Obviously, you need to compromise sometimes, but you don't have to neglect your needs every time. Unfortunately, most people whose opinion you care about think only of themselves. It is you who must take care of your own life.

Express your feelings and thoughts

Don't pretend to be someone you are not. Honesty towards yourself and others will make your life the way you want it to be. Say what you think and don't be afraid to leave behind what doesn't suit you.

Don't work so hard

It is a bit at odds with the principles of the modern world. Earning money and doing more - it can get us lost sometimes. Work as hard as you need to, but also work wisely so you don't have to work so hard forever. Invest in knowledge and earn wisely.

Be in touch with your closest friends

Don't neglect your loved ones and friends. Just like that. Relationships are the basis of every level of our life. A good relationship will give you a lot of happiness and allow you to achieve more easily.

Change things that don't make you happy

Think about what thoughts you have when you want to try something new in an area that you care about, e.g. in the area of development, business for which you have had an idea for a long time, or a new place for vacation because you are bored to go to this one 5 years in a row. Probably you are afraid that you will fail, won't you? That it won't be fun? However, what if it works? If it gets better? You won't know until you try.

If you do not like your job, change it. Do you dream of your own company? Do what it takes to set it up. Do you want to change your place of residence? Plan what needs to be done to make such a change. Remember that you are the only one who can actively shape your life!

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