Why you should visit Sardegna

April 23, 2020

Why we chose Sardegna

Probably you are wondering why we chose the cherry-pick among all Italian cities. Nice weather? nope. Clearwater? not this way. Remarkable beaches? wrong. Pizza? YES YES YES! Just kidding, all of the reasons are pretty convincing but everyone knows that Wojtek (my husband) is a big fan of decent pizza and ironically he can't and hate cooking but nobody makes better pizza then him!

First impressions

We flew from London to Alghero where we rent a car - fiat 500 (I just wanted to feel like a real Italian and yes this car is made of plastic). I still really like it.

On our way to San Teodoro, we stopped for the gelatos, pizza and some homemade wine in the small, very cozy Italian city. It was literally scorching so we made a few more of the gelatos stops in Sassari, Ardara, and Olbia. I'd thought I would already be fed up with the ice cream by the end of the day ( If you haven't tried it in Italy, you can't say your trip is fulfilled, they are super creamy, flavored and just the best) but no way, wait for the next 7 days of our trip when we literally tried every flavor on the world!

Relaxing evenings

When I said we hadn't chosen the Sardegna because of the spectacular beaches, I lied. It was the second reason straight after the pizza. The view from our hotel beach was breath-taking. Take a look below! Every evening we have taken a blanket, wine, and some snacks and have sunk into the sound of the waves and ... mosquitos later on.

The food you must try

Did I mention pizza already? ok, so I'm going to focus on the PASTA right now. Once, my best friend took me to the Italian restaurant in London - Vapiano. It was the only time I ate decent pasta outside Italy. I have no idea how Italians do it (I guess they have it in their blood), but wherever we went, the pasta was not only so creamy and deliciously cheesy but also very smooth if you know what I mean! I tried spaghetti bolognese as well as carbonara. What did we do after such a delicious meal? You know the answer. That's right. We got an ice-cream because life is too short not to enjoy it! 

Usually, when we travel, we are drawn towards an all-inclusive option, because who wants to worry about the glass of the water or mostly glass of the wine, right? This time we decided to explore the nearby cities and local restaurants. It was the best idea because it made us dive into the real extroverted, Italian culture. Whatever the restaurant we chose, the food was delicious! I've been enjoying pizzas, pasta, and RISOTTOS. My number one was Risotto ai funghi and Seafood Risotto. That's funny because I am not a big fan of the seafood but this one was just il migliore!

Coming back to my favorite topic - PIZZA, I'm not going to tell you a lot, because everybody ate pizza and everybody can differentiate the good ones and the bad ones. However, the difference between Italy and other countries is that in Italy you can find a decent pizza everywhere and in other countries, it's not so easy, isn't it? We tried different pizzas, starting from Margaritas when you feel the flavor of the real tomato sauce, crispy dough and good quality cheese and finishing on seafood ones which I don't recommend to anyone. As you already know I am not a great admirer of the seafood but I love exploring new flavors. Unfortunately this time the desire for something new came in the wrong moment. At least I won't order it anymore. 

Don't be fooled by my smile. I hated this pizza and probably I was smiling at the shot of the limoncello which was waiting for the first sip opposite to me. 

When you visit Italy you need to try the COFFEE. Trust me, Coffee and Italy are a match made in heaven. Italians say a good coffee needs to be made according to the Quatro M del Caffe’ (the four M’s of coffee).

  • Miscela - the most essential role has a blend of the coffee

  • Macinadosatore - this the machine that measures out the right weight of coffee grounds and grinds the coffee beans. Italians adjust it several times a day to match the weather conditions. 

  • Macchina per Espresso - that is the coffee machine which has been developing through the years and every time it makes a perfect cup of coffee.

  • Mano barista's hand and knowledge is key.

Whatever cafe we chose, the coffee was strong and had so much ground flavor. Love it!

Tip: Italians love charging for the things you have never thought about fe. in the restaurant you get a bill showing 3 euros for the 'free bread' or charge for the cleaning services in the hotel. Che due palle!  

Best beaches close to San Teodoro

We went to the many beaches of Sardinia and every time I was speechless and delighted. I was so impressed with the emerald and crystallinity of the water in the sea, natural, full of undisturbed nature and surroundings of the beaches. There are suggestive, fantastic rocks guarding almost every beach cove and breath-taking views that you can often enjoy while sunbathing on this island. There are also a smaller island of rocks emerging from the sea, flamingos living on the pond behind the beach, eucalyptus grove and thickets of prickly pear figs. As if that was not enough, the views underwater don't disappoint - a mask and a tube are a must-have!

The most beautiful beaches close to San Teodoro:

1. La Cinta - defenitely number one!

2. Lu Impostu

3. La Isuledda

4. Cala Brandinchi

Golfo di Orosei - the most spectacular place

Another must-see place is Golfo di Orosei - a place where the sea connects with the mountains uniquely. The area is steeped in history and plays a very important part in the archeological landscape. Also, Golfo di Orosei is a more of immersive experience than just a place to rest your head. You can choose between trekking, climbing, mountain biking, diving, sailing, horse riding. We would have liked to see the enormous caves and there were 2 ways to get there. We've seen other people lining to the ship. Did we do the same? No! We are active people. What did we do then? rent a double kayak. Did we regret it? Yes!

Actually, we regretted it because of two reasons: Wojtek burned his feet and we had to row 15 kilometers! For those who have never done it, it's pretty much. In the end, I didn't know if I should cry or laugh! The positive aspects of our expedition were the fact that not only the views are incredible but also the feeling of floating in the open sea is so great. Also, the experience itself taught us a lot! Mostly team working. Without any doubts, we both agreed it was the greatest test our relationship has ever gone through!

If you are wondering now if you should visit Sardegna or not, I am sure you will love all the aspects of this spectacular island. So, pack your suitcase, book an airplane, rent a car and set off on an amazing trip around this beautiful island.

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