My 21 newborn baby must-haves for 0-3 months

March 19, 2021

I love being the mum of Maja. It is a life-changing experience for me. I used to think that having a child is easy peasy as so many people go through it. Good joke. It is even impossible to explain the transition to motherhood unless you have done it yourself. Since you see the bold positive sign on the pregnancy test, you are inundated with the feeling of love and protection. You want the best for your beloved child. At the same time, the companies who sell newborn baby must-haves knock at your door and offer you so many things that make your baby the happiest in the world. The truth is, your presence and love are the best you can give to your child and no newborn gadgets can replace them. However, they can help!

The first 3 months are the hardest as you and your baby learn about each other. Hence, it's crucial to get all of the newborn stuff ready before the baby arrives so you will have peace of mind (in terms of the baby's essentials obviously). When I was preparing my 'what a baby really needs checklist', I was hoping the internet would have given me all of the answers but it hasn't. There are too much information and too many opinions. First-time mums can be simply overwhelmed. So did I. I had started slowly, step by step and after a couple of hours, I have recognized the difference between bodysuits, rompers, onesies, and pyjamas. Honestly, I am proud of myself and my research as I haven't bought too much or too little. There are just the things we have been using so much and the ones we have used occasionally. Today I would like to show you my newborn baby must-haves for 0-3 months. Let's start!

1. Baby sling

A sling takes first place on the list of newborn baby must-haves 0-3 months for a reason. I can't imagine a day with a newborn without this beautiful piece of woven fabric. I still remember Maja's first time wrapped. She cuddled up to me and drifted off into the longest nap ever. I felt again like a human being for the moment - I made coffee and took a breath. Maja is 4 months old and we still enjoy the closeness that sling enables us. Also, it really helped when she was grumpy or had tummy pains. Couldn't recommend it more!

2. Hairdryer

You can laugh or not but in our case the hairdryer is magical. If somebody had told me to put it on my newborn baby must-haves 0-3 months list before my baby was born, I wouldn't have been sure of that person's mental state. And now, it would be the first thing I would buy! Especially the one that has several power levels. In the shortcut, the sounds of a hairdryer soothe a crying baby. It results from the fact that the baby heard a similar noise called white noise in the womb so it makes her comfortable. For those who want to deceive a baby with youtube hairdryer sound, it doesn't work! Our babies are smart, only a real hairdryer makes wonder. 

3. Pacifier

The baby is born with a strong suckling reflex. Blissful moments at the breast, the closeness and warmth of the mother, and a full tummy are the most beautiful experiences that a newborn associates with sucking. No wonder that when he is tired, bored, lonely, nervous - he wants to suckle. I didn't have any problems with breastfeeding so I gave my baby a dummy in the first week. I chose the one which an anatomical shape that resembles a wart and is made from 100% natural rubber - BIBS. We also have NUK's ones but we use them occasionally. In general, my baby is not a big fan of pacifiers. We only use it when she needs to soothe. However, I still think it's one of the most important things on the newborn baby must-haves for the 0-3 months list.

4. Moses basket

Our newborn baby must-haves for 0-3 months list contains Moses basket for two reasons. It is portable and its small area available for a baby allows him a greater sense of security than in a large cot. Not only, the baby is comfortable with movements, but also a closed space calms down very sensitive stimuli. I highly recommend the one from The Little Green Sheep

5. Nursing pillow

We have 2 nursing pillows:  

La Millou, Dana's Hen Nursing Pillow- Its shape does not differ much from the classic croissant, but it is more designer and can be an element of the decor of a child's room and then a cuddly pillow for a toddler. Btw it's such a great idea for the gift!

C shaped nursing pillow - It provides the baby with a comfortable position during the feed and allows the mother to relax her arms, back and neck, relieving the spine.

I use both pillows at the same time. My milk flows very fast so back lying is the best feeding position for us. I put Dana's hen under my back and Maja on the croissant.

6. Burp clothes

If you don't want to change your clothes every time your baby spit, it's definitely the newborn must-have item. We also use it as a face wiper, changing pad, a blanket, and a cuddly toy before the nap. In addition to the white tetras' diapers, we also have bamboo ones that are much nicer in terms of softness and pattern. 

7. Contrast books

Development of the baby's sight is very important. Mainly the learning about the colourful world around them. Contrast books with straight lines and bold patterns are easy to see by babies. Against the background of the blurry world of the baby, the books stand out with shapes and clear patterns. We have started showing it to Maja in the second month of her life. As time went on, she became more and more interested in them.

8. Playmat

The playmat is the biggest fun ever for our baby! It is not only the form of time filling but also a way to develop motor skills with the use of interactive elements. We chose Kinderkraft Smartplay Mat. You can't go wrong with it. It has everything that a baby needs to have fun and develop. We also hang the baby's favourite doll and contrast Zebra from Bright Stars. 

9. Baby bouncer

BabyBjörn bouncer should also be mentioned at the beginning of my newborn baby must-haves for 0-3 months list. It's obvious every mother wants the best for her child. Also, it's obvious that the mother sometimes needs a moment to herself. For example when she wants to eat breakfast because the clock shows 3 pm, or when she wants to drink the coffee she made yesterday. Alternatively - go to the toilet, open door to the postman, answer the phone or count to ten. We have a right to make our lives easier in all possible ways, making sure the products we choose are not only interesting for our baby but also safe and healthy. Here are the BabyBjörn bouncer! Our baby loves it so much. So do we. 

10. Dummy clips

Imagine the situation - It's 7 pm. Your baby is grumpy and needs to go to sleep. You are rocking her and every 20 seconds she spits the pacifier on the ground (because it's funny). You need to pick it up and clean it. Every 20 seconds. I believe you get why the dummy clips must be put on the newborn baby must-haves for 0-3 months list. You just attach the clips to the baby cloth and tadaam. Really really useful thing.

11. Baby blankets

The blanket doesn't ask. The blanket understands! A soft baby blanket often becomes his beloved cuddly toy. The baby, wrapped in it from head to toe, feels comfortable and safe. He knows that he is safe and that he can sleep well. We have so many blankets - thick, thin, small, and large. All of them are used very often.

12. Baby toiletries

In terms of the baby, I believe less is more. Hence, we don't put a lot on our baby's skin and always choose the products carefully. It means they are dominated by plant ingredients, including oils, butter and plant extracts. Also, the amount of all additional substances is limited to the necessary minimum. I like when cosmetics have short and rich compositions, and their fragrance is so delicate that sometimes it is barely perceptible. Check my favourites below!

Our favourite item is Sweet Almond Oil that makes our Shantala Massage routine more pleasant and helps with craddle cap. If you use an oil on the baby's skin, make sure it's applied before bath.

13. Baby care set

The brush is definitely a must-have. Baby skin is extremely delicate and prone to irritation. That is why it is so important not to irritate it with too rough brush bristles. We chose the one made from natural soft goat bristles, bamboo, beechwood and pear wood. Great for cradle cap and relaxation before night sleep. Also, my baby's nails grow so quickly (I'm so jealous), so scissors are used very often. When Maja was born, her hands and nails were so tiny so it was very difficult to cut them. Hence, my midwife advised me to bite them and once it's hardened, we can cut it.

14. Baby vitamins and probiotics

We are also very minimalistic in terms of baby vitamins and probiotics. I believe my breastmilk provides all the best for the baby. However, there is an exception - vit D3. Babies do not get it naturally, so it is very important to replenish it. We chose Benelife Vit D3 from Humana because it's based on triglycerides that do not upset the baby's tummy as regular oils may do. Furthermore, we have chosen Vivomixx for tummy pain. It is the only probiotics that have a clinical confirmation. 

15. Changing table

When I was preparing my newborn baby must-haves for 0-3 months list, I was very confused about the changing table we should buy. I have seen different opinions and reviews. Future parents can choose between changing units, changing toppers, cot top changers or changing mat. I'm so glad we bought the changing topper because it's Maja's favourite place now! Not only she loves waving her feet on it, but also it's very functional. Everything we need is at hand. 

16. Nappy bin

Most of you are probably wondering whether it is a useless gadget or a necessity. I don't think I need to explain why we bought this. We value freshness at home (see no evil monkey emoji). We have chosen the Angelcare Nappy Disposal System and love it! There is only one disadvantage - the refills are pricy. However, I found out the cheaper version - nappy bin liners that are compatible with a wide range of nappy bins. You can buy it on Amazon.

17. Baby diary

Unfortunately, time flies very quickly. This is especially painful for parents who watch their newborns how they walk, talk, do first high fives.. Our memory is not perfect and it is very difficult to remember all the dates and facts. I truly believe that memories are the most precious thing that can be given to someone. So we as the parents can ensure that no valuable memories are lost - by filling in our child's diary together.

18. Baby pod

Babies sleep a lot. That's why we have chosen different options that do not disturb the rhythm of our day. One of them is Sleepyhead that is a multifunctional item, made of the highest quality breathable and certified materials free of harmful substances. It has anti-allergic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Maja loves it because she is "wrapped" in it, just like in my belly.

19. Sleeping bag

We have chosen the baby sleeping bag among different sleeping options because it's the safest. The baby cannot put it on her head while she is sleeping. Secondly, the baby only exposes its head and hands to the outside. This solution provides the child with optimal heating, ensuring that it does not freeze during sleep at night. She sleeps at the right temperature all night. Moreover, the sleeping bag wraps the baby tightly, giving her a feeling of closeness and wrapping, similar to the one she had in her mother's womb. This one we got from TK Maxx.

20. Baby shushing toy

In the first weeks, our baby shushing toy - Suzy has been irritated me so much so that I could throw it out the window. It emits 5 types of sound: white noise, pink noise, rainfall, ocean waves and amniotic fluid with a heartbeat. Also, I've felt that it hasn't been helping my baby to fall asleep. I'm glad it stuck with us because by the end of the second month I noticed it actually has let the baby fall asleep quicker when she's been awakening during the nap. Furthermore, not only it's much quieter than a hairdryer which we use in extreme situations, but also it looks nicer and Maja likes looking at it. It's funny because I always thought the whole house must become silent when the baby goes to sleep and it is the other way around. Babies are not used to silence.

21. Teething toy

In the third month of the baby life, she starts to salivate. By 'start' I mean not only your and baby t-shirt is covered with saliva but also floor, bedding and everything around it. Also, babies put their fingers and fists to their mouths and they are really interested in the teething toys. When buying a teether for a baby, we made sure that it meets the basic safety standards. First of all, the teether must be made of materials safe for babies. They absolutely must not be harmful to health and cannot cause allergies. We have been looking for teethers made of materials that are friendly to Maja and the environment. Her favourite one is Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy.

I hope you like this blog post! Please let me know what's your favourite baby must-haves for 0-3 months. Also, if you haven't seen my previous blog post about spoiling the baby, have a look here!

© 2021 Natalia Snopkowska